Taking the Lead in Kerry,  April 2015.

Another weekend of fun and adventure where we worked on our leadership skills while further developing our self-reliance in the mountains.



An action-packed weekend in the hills!




Gear Swop Shop

Have you any gear that you don’t wear or use any more?

This is the perfect opportunity to bring it along and swap it for something else! There will be a swap shop in the hostel, so please bring any outdoor clothes or gear that you would like to swop or sell.

Please note that everything must be in good condition. Anything not swopped or sold should be collected and brought home at the end of the event.

Tray Bakes

After you all excelled yourselves last year with a huge range of cakes, biscuits and goodies, we will again be asking you to put your aprons on and do some baking for this year’s weekend.

We hope that we will get even more goodies than last year and will be able to keep you all in tray bakes on both Saturday and Sunday! We will be able to store whatever you bring for you and will do our best to return tins and boxes to you afterwards.

Happy baking!