Challenge Yourself in Connemara

Building on hugely successful weekends in the Mournes, Donegal and Wicklow, the fourth Women With Altitude weekend took place in the beautiful and rugged landscape of Connemara. The theme of the weekend was "Challenge Yourself", and once again our participants grabbed the opportunity to extend their mountain skills.

Blogging Competition

This year we ran a blogging content. Read the winning entries on the blog for a taste of the weekend!

Noelle Mann: A Challenging Weekend

I can’t quite remember whether Clodagh or Zoe spotted it first, but our Sunday bouldering session on Louisburgh beach swiftly evolved into a Geology challenge. The theme of the weekend turned out to be expertly chosen, as the entire Women with Altitude meet was full of unexpected ways to “Challenge Yourself.” Read more

Aly Coyle: Women With Altitude in Verse

I wasn’t aware of Women with Altitude
Or their hunger for challenge or their let’s do it attitude
But I was told of the meet by a friend of a friend
Who added ‘if you need any kit, I’ll be happy to lend!’
And I thought well why not and decided to go 
To try something new and to learn and to grow
So I borrowed a harness and said sayonara 
And away off I went to Leenane Connemara
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Sinead Mulvaney: Coasteering

And then she disappeared. I started to count the seconds, one, two, three. It seemed like an eternity. Then she surfaced, a giant grin and a look of expectation for us to follow her lead. ‘You have got to be kidding!’, that was the only thought going round and round in my head. That drop must be at least 30 foot! What was I thinking ever signing up for coasteering?  Read More