Sunday Activities

All activities are half-day sessions. Please ensure that you bring suitable gear.



 Participants head out to walk and climb the hills, cliffs and crags of the area in self-led groups.

Please leave details of locations, expected return time and contact details at the registration desk. 

Trail/Fell/Hill Running

Session on trail running, introducing equipment, IMRA, notable female runners, including a run on trails.

  • Ratio 1:8
  • Cost €21.00

Nordic Walking 

  • Ratio 1:10
  • Cost €21.00  

Learn the fundamental skills of Nordic Walking, turn your walk into a workout. Enhance your cardiovascular fitness and strength for hill walking. Poles provided.

climbing & bouldering, movement skills 

  • Ratio 2:12
  • Cost €36.00  

For those who are keen to try this exhilarating sport and acquire the fundamental skills of rock climbing and movement. Skills - footwork, body position, efficiency etc. Better movement skills and more confidence on the rock, are a key component to develop your climbing & leading grade!

Digital Photography

  • Ratio 1:8
  • Cost €21.00  

By explaining the different programmes on your camera, this workshop will help you move away from auto mode, providing tips and tricks through practical examples. Weather permitting most of the day will be spent outside. Participants should bring their own digital camera.

Mountain Environment walk

  • Ratio 1:10
  • Cost €0.00  

A day of discovery and learning, focused on flora, fauna, local heritage etc. A wonderful way to pick up knowledge to share within your club.

Rock Climbing - Lead Climbing

  • Ratio 1:4
  • Cost €41.00  

For those with some climbing experience who want to learn the skills of leading. Covers: Introduction to equipment, racking up, clipping and using extenders, belaying a lead climber, climbing calls, lowering and descending, leading routes under supervision.

Forest Bathing Workshop

  • Ratio 1:12
  • Cost €16.00  

 This session is about learning a new respect for nature, getting to know the trees, listening to the sounds of the woodland, and investigating invertebrates all around us. We'll be telling stories, making art from nature, making tea from leaves and petals, and taking time out to slow things down.


    Join us in Glendalough to be part of the biggest all-female mountaineering meet in Ireland!